Slide Into Spring Music and Craft Beer Festival

Pirate Playground and the City of Fernandina Beach will be holding Slide into Spring Music and Craft Beer Festival again on
March 28, 2015. Stay tuned for more info.

The Gift of play is something that most of us take for granted.  As children, we are able to run, jump, and climb without worry of the obstacles that are in front of us.  As adults, we are able to take our children or grandchildren to playgrounds without having to ask “how”.  Many children and adults in our community have to think about “how” when going to our local playgrounds.  How will I push the chair through the sandy soil?  How will I get my chair over the barrier that holds in the wood chips?  How do I push my chair through the wood chips to get to the equipment?  Once I get to the equipment, what can I play with? 
Play is a very important part of a child’s social and physical development, and in our community, there are too many children that have to sit on the sidelines and watch the other children play.  8 Flags Playscapes, Inc. is a non-profit located in Fernandina Beach who has decided to tackle this issue head on by building the first playground in the community for all children, Pirate Playground.   Pirate Playground is designed around the history, art, and nature of Fernandina Beach.  There is a shrimp boat, Fort Clinch, nautical theme, local children’s art, which are all very important features of the Fernandina Beach community.  Pirate Playground is not just a place for children with disabilities.  Pirate Playground is just cooler than the other playgrounds and just happens to be a place where children with varying abilities can play without barriers. 
On March 28th, Pirate Playground and the City of Fernandina Beach will host the first “Slide into Spring Music and Craft Beer Festival” at the beach on Amelia Island.  This is an event for the whole family that you don’t want to miss.  The event will feature the following:

Countdown to Festival
Craft beer tasting from 12pm – 4pm
Live music with nationally acclaimed acts beginning at 12:30pm
Herd of Watts (Jacksonville)
Vagabond Swing (Louisiana)
The Fritz (North Carolina)
Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band (North Carolina)
Keller Williams (Virginia)
- Kids Zone
- VIP tent service with discounted food and drinks
- Cigar lounge
- Home Brew Competition
- Cornhole Tournament
- Vendor Plaza
- Great food vendors
- Fashion Show
- Much, much more….